This blog is about how hard Im doin it in a bad relationship. I have no intention of offending anyone, or spreading hate or anything, and therefore have kept the identities anonymous. Im only sharing a piece of my life, in my search for reason. I will update this page regularly.
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(2) I choose life


Ok peeps.
I didnt go out on christmas night.
I chilled at home and watched 7 pounds, the Will Smith movie.
I knew that if I went out, I wouldnt of had a good night, and didnt want that kinda buzz around my mates.

I made up for that last night though!
Nothing big, just a case of beer, and a couple mates.

Shani called boxing day, but I ignored her calls and Im not thinking of replying any time soon.
With her n I, Ive made up my mind and its over!
my son.

Im goin to start my bachelors in Sports Coaching, which is something Ive always wanted to do, but have never gone for it until my boy arrived.
Tryin to better myself etc...
Anyways, my mind is focussed on that goal, and Im goin to achieve it.
I just know its going to be harder now, as it is financially demanding, and the bitch was goin to help out while I do this. An investment if you will..
That aint gonna happen now!

Each day I think about knocking on that door, and breaking her father in two.
If Ive ever met somebody with really bad daddy issues, its this bitch!!

I know since Ive made my decision to leave her, things are gonna get worse.
All I can do is focus on my goal, and wait until Im pushed too far.

There goes the phone ringing....

Richard Drumm The Astronomy Bum said...
January 3, 2009 at 7:18 PM  

Wow, bruh, take it easy! Think about your boy before you take any rash action. Think about what he'll tell his mates years from now when he tells them about what his father was like. That'd be a heavy load for him to bear if you spend time in prison.
Richard Drumm The Astronomy Bum

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