This blog is about how hard Im doin it in a bad relationship. I have no intention of offending anyone, or spreading hate or anything, and therefore have kept the identities anonymous. Im only sharing a piece of my life, in my search for reason. I will update this page regularly.
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(3) WTF!!!


Tuesday, 30th December, 2008..

She just called me up, and guess what!!??
She blames ME for Christmas!!! ???

She blames ME that she went to bed!!!

She blames ME that I never got to see my son for his first Christmas!!!

She blames ME for ME spending Christmas alone!!!

What kind of person hurts you soo bad, then calls up to make everything worse!!????

Anyone know black magic?
Can you make her head be eaten out by maggots, while a pack of wild dogs eats her face clean off!!

Damn I cannot believe this shit!!
It makes starting this blog even more fulfilling!!

I was going to show it to her, so she could see whats up, but not any more.
This is my funnel to release, and remember the dog she is when she acts like an angel.

Its stopping me from going down there!!!

THAT, is the most important thing.
Only God knows how that situation would end.

just got off the phone...
shes bringing my son around......... hmmmmmmmm

Im not really bothered, there is nothing she can do that will fix Christmas, but.......
Im not sure whether I should fuck her hard, treat her like shit, then throw the bitch out in the morning, or ignore her existence, and just chill with my boy all night.


Both aye?


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